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How to Stop Guessing in Your Marketing and Start Making More Money in Less Time

Unknown to most business owners and even some marketing professionals, the world of web analytics or website analysis is the hidden 'glue' that provides remarkable insights into your business.

Up until recently, measuring the precise ROI of your marketing efforts has been a bit of a hit-and-miss operation.

In the "offline" world like a newspaper, radio or TV ad, it's fairly tricky to get any real measurable and meaningful feedback (unless you are following strict direct-response protocols).

In business, most of the time we think of marketing as advertising.

But since the web arrived on the scene, things have changed. Because for the first time in history, you can measure a vast array of performance indicators leading to rapid insights about what's really working and what's not.

To be more precise, web analytics not only allows you to measure the performance of your advertising, it can also tell exactly what impact your website is having on generating leads and sales.

And you can also measure the performance of your social media and email campaigns.

It provides you with extremely useful data about the behaviour of your visitors to your website and helps you figure out what works and what doesn't.

At Conversion Makers, we're huge fans of web analytics because we know it helps our customers make superior business decisions. 

Our main tool is Google Analytics: it's a free service provided by Google and which is directly connected to your website (and if you don't have it installed, please get in touch and we'll help you get it setup correctly).

And whilst Google Analytics is very good at the "quantitative" part, it's not the complete picture because it's not so easy to understand why people do what they do on your website.

Which is why we also turn to "qualitative" analytic tools which provides us with valuable insights into how your visitors behave on your website.

These qualitative tools provide us with sophisticated analyses such as 'heat' and 'click' maps which helps us understand the "why" component.

Although these tools are very powerful, the real value in Web Analytics is interpreting the information correctly, gain insights so that we can take action to improve results.

Just so you get a feel of what lies behind Web Analytics, here are a couple of sample reports:

Example Google Analytics Report showing Geographical Data

Example Google Analytics report showing how many visits from each country

Example Heatmap

This "Heat Map" is showing us where people are clicking so we can improve the user's experience

Benefits of Web Analytics

With web analytics, your company can benefit from a significant competitive advantage. Just have a look at some of the things you will discover: 

  • Which messages and content provides greater interest to your customers and therefore, discover what will generate more profitable results.
  • Analytics will tell exactly what the users are doing and gauge the precise level of interest in your offers 
  • Which sources of traffic arrives to your website and which ones provide the highest returns on investment and probabilities of providing qualified leads.
  • Which sectors or segments of your visitors convert the best
  • Which sections of content, pages or services are not working and which golden opportunities you are losing out on
  • In Google Adwords campaigns (paid advertising), you can identify which "keywords" are being searched for by your potential customers
  • Tell you which sources of traffic provide the higher returns 
  • How many calls, budget requests or form completions are being generated and calculate the true value to your business

In short, with web analytics that you no longer have to guess what works and what doesn't. In other words, it allows you to develop digital marketing and sales strategies based on real data

And if that isn't incentive enough, you can spot problems and correct them early on saving you time and money in the process.

?If you want to start enjoying the benefits of working with data which lead to higher performance sales and marketing strategies, we encourage all our customers to take web analytics seriously.

Our Web Analytics service includes:

  • Pre-analysis and definion of principal metrics precisely aligned to your company's objetives
  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Specific configuration of your Google Analytics account (or in the case you already have Google Analytics installed, we will revise and almost certainly update the existing configuration). 
  • Define all key events, conversion funnels, goals and correct segmentation of data gathering
  • Periodic measurement reports with comparison tables, analysis of results and recommendations on changes required to the website or any campaigns.

Why not contact us for a free consultation today? We'll be happy to help and advise you in anyway we can and make sure we can help improve your business with our professional Web Analytics services.

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